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PhD Holistic Nutrition | Former Vitamin Exec. | Writing on holistic health, fresh perspectives and personal development. Hey there, I'm Liza. ​ I'm a nutrition PhD, a guide, mom, writer, health coach and education advisor for Natural Industry leaders, top supplement brands and all humans. ​ I always felt very connected to a higher guidance and source in my life. ​ I have explored, transmuted, and transformed both personal and generational trauma in my own life and lineage. I traversed inner shadows and returned with peace. My life is my greatest testimony. ​ Here to assist you in transforming your experience of reality, my purpose is to remind you that you are sovereign, that you choose, that you hold the key. ​ Coaching: Clients come to me to revamp their lifestyle.  I help all humans benefit from a systematized daily life made simple.  As an organic horticulturalist turned PhD in nutrition, I've developed effective systems for optimizing holistic health and making life better. ​ I am currently accepting a limited number of individual clients - connect if you want to achieve your sustainable, holistic nutrition goals. ​ Consulting: I'm the one companies come to when they need to create an education program or convey their brand message in an authentic way.  I help companies innovate with programs and validated content while reaching the right customers through trust and transparency.   I have worked with 4 out of the top 10 brands in the supplement industry, and hundreds of clients, over the past 25 years.

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